6. Setting up IFRAME embeds for sharing

Please Note:  As of January 9, 2018 this feature is very basic.   It’s meant for more advanced users who want to share their videos on other blogs, etc.

  1. Create a New Page
  2. Enter a one word title (for the example below we use “pagetitle“)
  3. Under “Template” select “WP Smart TV Embedder
  4. Click Publish

To embed a video you will need to hand-craft an iFrame tag to display the video.   For example:

<iframe src="https://your-wp-smart-tv.com/pagetitle/?v=XXXXX frameborder=no width="720" height="405" />

You will need to replace the “XXXXX” with the ID of the video post.

Future updates will add more features to this function and will make it easier to use.