Vimeo Extender for WP Smart TV

The Vimeo Extender for WP Smart TV allows you to easily integrate your Vimeo Pro account to serve and manage video content.   Quickly import your videos into WP Smart TV with a click of a button.  Includes a importer for single content and a mass-importer for grabbing multiple pieces of content at the same time.

Import Video Data – Single Video

Using the Vimeo Pro importer will retrieve the following attributes for your WP Smart TV items:

  • The Media URL in HLS format
  • The duration of the video
  • The Title, Description and Tags
  • The thumbnail

Import Video Data – Mass Importer

Visiting Tools > Vimeo Mass Import gives you access to quickly import your entire Vimeo Pro library.

You can search your Vimeo Pro library for specific videos or get the entire list of content all within your WordPress dashboard.

Simply assing a content type (Movie, Video, Episode, TV Special), select the tags to apply, the genre and click “Import Videos” and your on your way to easily adding your entire video library.

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