Frequently Asked Questions 2018-04-30T12:59:19+00:00
What is the “Vimeo Pro Importer”? 2015-03-07T18:22:29+00:00

Our Vimeo Pro Importer is designed to work specifically with RoVIDX Pro to import videos from your Vimeo Pro account with all the necessary information including Titles, Descriptions, Length & MP4 links.

What is the Install Service? 2015-03-07T18:17:26+00:00

The install service is designed to help accelerate those customers who want to get their service up and running immediately.   Even so, this service requires you to be familiar with the ROKU & FireTV development so you can understand the limitations of the RoVIDX Pro line.

Why can’t I have a phone call? 2015-03-07T18:16:56+00:00

Phone support is only provided to our enterprise level clients.   In order to keep the price of RoVIDX Pro reasonable, we can not offer phone support.   We do provide a full support ticket system & email support to Pro level customers.

What should I know about Amazon FireTV before I purchase RoVIDX Pro? 2015-03-07T18:16:21+00:00

The implementation of Fire TV is based on Amazon’s HTML5 Web App template.   To use the Fire TV, you should read thru their Web App SDK documentation and learn how to install the example application before you start on RoVIDX Pro.

What should I know about ROKU before I purchase RoVIDX Pro? 2015-03-07T18:16:03+00:00

We recommend before you purchase RoVIDX Pro you have worked with the example applications included with the ROKU SDK and are able to build and install the apps.  If you have never done so, you may find RoVIDX Pro a bit complicated to get working.

Can a total novice run RoVIDX Pro? 2015-03-07T18:15:40+00:00

No.  We do not recommend this package for people who have no experience in ROKU or FireTV Development or experience in IPTV management.   Due to the vast amount of options available for IPTV devices, you should have a good grasp of how the development cycle works.

What is RoVIDX Pro? 2015-03-07T18:15:14+00:00

RoVIDX Pro is designed specifically for sending video to IPTV devices.  It includes a WordPress plugin and 2 ROKU application templates for Eclipse IDE.  It isn’t just an HTML5 based video player (though one is included), it’s an entire suite designed to manage IPTV networks.