Big Rovidx Upgrades for 2019

2018 was the biggest year for Rovidx Media since our opening nearly 5 years ago. 
Now get ready for what we are doing in 2019…

Rovidx Media started with a dream.  It was a dream of starting my very own TV channel where I would be in-charge of what content I played and not be bound to a big media corporation.

In 2012 I wasn’t quite sure if that was even possible until I received a Roku XD as gift.   I immediately unboxed it and plugged it into my big screen television.   In seconds I was browsing nearly a thousand channels from across the world via the power of the Internet.

But how do you start a channel?  It must cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and require a team of developers?

I was surprised to find that not only where these devices inexpensive and powerful, they also provided a full development portal for ANYONE to start a channel.   I immediately realized that I could use my current WordPress to power the small IPTV device.

Over the next five years I developed custom plugins that would power dozens of IPTV channels. 

In 2016 I decided that it was time to start offering a plugin specifically for WordPress to help distribute the recently released Roku Direct Publisher system.   Roku DP allows content creators to start a channel with an easy to use web interface.

In early 2017 I released WP Smart TV.  In 2018 it grew to power over 500 channels.   In 2019 we are kicking things into high gear.


We respect your privacy. We NEVER share your information with any 3rd party.


In early 2018 I implemented the first version of our software license and updating system for our Premium Plugins.

Unfortunately it was notoriously buggy and ended up with a lot of channels running with out of date software.  Plus it was hobbled together with WooCommerce, which was killing the performance of this website.

I finally decided on using Easy Digital Downloads as the base shopping system.  It’s incredibly lightweight and offers a built-in software licensing system.

Over the Christmas break I was hard at work converting all the data over to the new system and you can now grab updated extenders from your account dashboard.   These feature the new update system which allows me to push out new features and updates to the Extenders with ease.

Please Note:  You will need to update your License Keys for any Extender you have purchased in order to receive the upgrades.


Most notably 2018 saw the rise of FireTV as a strong contender to Roku’s IPTV crown.  Amazon also released a new product called “Fire TV Creator” which works similar to Roku’s Direct Publisher. In February 2019 I will be releasing the new Fire TV Extender.   This feature includes support for both Fire TV App Builder and Fire TV Creator.

The most popular plugin is the Vimeo Extender for WP Smart TV and in 2019 I will be adding a bunch of new features. Most notably:

  • Upload from WordPress to Vimeo
  • Vimeo Tag and Category integration
  • A new Mass Importer & Mass Refresh dashboard

I will also be pushing out a new update for Playlists for WP Smart TV that will include features to tie into the new Fire TV Extender allowing you to send playlists to Fire TV.   Later in 2019 I will also be adding a feature to display and play lists on the WordPress front-end.

Here are some other WP Smart TV Extenders planned for 2019:

  • Elementor Tools
  • Front-End Platform Builder
  • Podcaster Tools
  • Roku Pro and Fire TV Pro Extenders
More announcements will be coming.   Make sure to sign up for our Newsletter bellow to get notified as soon as the new Extenders are available.


We respect your privacy. We NEVER share your information with any 3rd party.


One of the biggest struggles here at Rovidx is managing the support requests I get.  Due to the current setup we are unable to limit support requests to purchased products.

As much as I would love to provide Free Support, the reality of being a “one man show” means I can not.

To help provide a level playing field I will be implementing the following support requirements.

Free plugins will be supported via the WordPress plugin system on  I will answer those requests when possible but priority will be given to customers of the Premium Extenders.

If you are a customer of our Extenders you will have access to our Support Ticket system for any plugin you have purchased.

And if you require more hands-on support I will be offering a premium support package that will include a monthly round-table with other channel owners and access to our private Support contact numbers.

Make money with Rovidx

One request I’ve heard multiple times in 2018 was “Do you have an affiliate system?” or “Do you offer Agency rates?”

With the new store I am offering new licensing packages for 1 site, 3 sites or Agency which features unlimited sites.

I will also be implementing an affiliate program that will allow you to advertise Rovidx services and receive a share of the purchase.  More information to follow.


There has been times where it seemed I was time building these plugins, especially in the early days.

Now as our user base grows, I hear more and more from Channel owners who used to spend hours managing their IPTV systems.  Now with the power of WP Smart TV they have cut hours down to minutes.

In 2019 I want to make it even easier to manage your IPTV network so you can focus on the most important part… Content!

Roku Playlists for WP Smart TV

Organize your content in playlists.   Easy to use organizer.   Works with Movies, Videos, Series and Specials.  Currently available on Roku Direct Publisher only.

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