Is 2020 is the year to go “all-in” on OTT & IPTV services?


A few months ago I got a call from one of my clients that I consult for.  She was quite worried that COVID19 was going to kill the channel we were planning to launch in April.

“We’ve spent so much time getting this ready but with everyone out of work who will subscribe?”

I made one simple statement to counter her fears…  “Lipstick”.

At this point she probably thought I was going crazy.   

“Huh?  I don’t sell lipstick”.

“No,” I replied “but you are selling something that people want.”

I went on to explain the Lipstick Effect where people will more often splurge on small indulgences during times of recessions and economic downturns. 

Leonard Lauder, the chairman of Estée Lauder, noted following the terrorist attacks of September 2001 that his company sold more lipstick than usual. As a result, he theorized that lipstick is a contrary economic indicator.

But how does this translate to OTT/IPTV services?

With the current COVID19 crisis playing out across the globe, many of us are stuck at home looking for cheap entertainment.   Couple that with more and more homes having an OTT device and at least one subscription to a popular service and we have the perfect storm for OTT businesses.

Source: Yahoo! Finance
Subscriptions for services like Netflix & Disney+ are climbing fast.

It's not just "BIG" OTT services making huge gains!

I run a few channels on the side which act as a test-bed for new features on WP Smart TV.

Each of them have seen at least a 30% increase in installs and in-app purchases. Below is a screenshot from Conspiracy Channel which is up 47% since last month with absolutely zero marketing dollars.


In this current climate niche channels are doing extremely well and I’m hearing of more channel owners leaving their full-time jobs to work full time on their Over-the-Top channels.

The key is pick a niche and offer quality content related to that niche.   Here’s a list of the some popular channel niches:

  • Church and Faith Based broadcasters
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Vacation & Travel
  • Video Podcasts
  • Amateur & Low-Budget Movies

It doesn’t have to be big budget content either!   The real key to creating a channel that sells is to put YOUR personality into it.   No one can ever duplicate you and you’d be really surprised to learn how many people want to hear your view on your specific niche.

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With every one stuck at home and society cutting the cord, now is the time to go full in on building an IPTV empire!

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