New FireTV Builder and other tidbits for the week

Another milestone passed!

One of the most annoying issues lately has been dealing with add-on updates.   The process of coming to this website and downloading updates, then installing them on your site was a real pain.

With 1.6 you can now update your add-ons using the default WordPress Plugin Updater.    This will help increase the release schedule of new features for the add-ons as well as ensure that you have the latest version without any effort.

As well I have updated all the Add-On Extenders to version v1.3.   Make sure you update your add-ons to this version so you can get the regular updates.   Not keeping your add-ons up-to-date can result in a broken WordPress installation.

Amazon Fire App Builder 1.07

I got the notice today (Wednesday January 17, 2018) that the new version was released.   This should offer the fixes to the Google Analytics and the VAST ad system that were causing issues with 1.5.

Coming for WP Smart TV v1.7 I plan on adding some more features to the Fire TV feeds to take advantage of further enhancements to the Fire App Builder.

New Documentation and Tutorials

I’m working on new documentation for WP Smart TV and extenders.   Stay tuned to the “Help Documents” in your WPSTV Dashboard for the new documents.

I’ve also added a “Tutorials” section to the plugin so you can get new tutorials directly there.    This week I’m going to be talking about monetizing your channel and how to make a full-time job from it.

Tech Support and the Forums

Due to time limitations and a growing install base I need to limit support tickets to paying customers only.   Each add-on includes 1 year of tech support, but free users will need to use the forum.

This will serve 2 purposes.   The first being freeing up my time to work on the plugins and add-ons and secondly will help me from answering duplicate questions.

If there is enough of a demand, I may add a premium support tier for the bigger channels who need full time support but do not have the budget for a full-time IPTV/OTT specialist.

The Academy Cometh…

I’ve been hard at work building the new site for my training website.   One of the other big issues I find is just lack of information for new channel owners and start-ups.

The Academy’s purpose is to teach the ropes of IPTV/OTT at a descent price.   I’m all about pricing our add-ons and tutorials as cheaply as possible so anyone can get into the Smart TV market.

I’m hoping to have my first course online by the end of this month which is a fully featured and FREE course on using WP Smart TV to power a channel.   Once that’s done I will be releasing some paid tutorials on Roku Direct Publisher and Fire TV Builder.

I am also looking at doing a live course where I help walk you through setting up your network and keeping it running smooth as well as profitable.  Stay tuned to the Newsletter for more information.


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