WP Smart TV – Roadmap for 2020


We get a lot of requests for a roadmap of what we are working on.   Because we aim to please so here is a list of all planned updates.  We do have some other surprises we are working on, so stay tuned for announcements.

February 2020 - MediaBlaster SVOD Pro - Beta Wave 2

Our MediaBlaster SVOD Pro is quickly becoming our flagship product.   It is by far the most powerful software that we have created for OTT & IPTV services.

It features:

  • App Generator for Roku – Easily setup and deploy an app within the WordPress dashboard.
  • RokuPay integration – Viewers can sign up for your subscription service with in your Roku app and without the need to visit a website.
  • Style Manager – You can customize your entire app styling within the WordPress dashboard on the fly.  No need to redeploy or update your app.
  • Watch Later cue – Our new Watch Later system allows users to cue and remove content from multiple devices and the web

We are open for sale on Beta Wave 2  and it will be available until March 13, 2020.  After March 13th we will not be offering any licenses for sale until sometime in May/June 2020 when the final product is complete.

I’d like also point out that we are offering a 33% discount off the regular price during the Wave 2 sale.

March 2020 - Vimeo Pro plugin update

While we were building MediaBlaster, we were also looking at expanding the features of all WP Smart TV add-ons.  Our most popular plugin was the Vimeo Pro extender so we focused in on it first. Here are some of the new features
  • Upload to Vimeo from WordPress – We’ve added the ability for you to upload videos directly to Vimeo when you are adding a content
  • Updates to the Vimeo Mass Importer
  • Updated all underlying Javascript

Find out more about the WP Smart TV Vimeo Pro extender >>

MAY 2020 - MediaBlaster DIRECT & MEDIABLASTER AD DIRECT for roku

Our first release of our MediaBlaster Direct & MediaBlaster Ad Direct app for Roku will be coming sometime in May.    

This is very similar to our MediaBlaster SVOD app but is designed for channels without monetization -or- using advertising as their monetization strategy.

MediaBlaster Direct is geared towards channel owners who simply wish to display their content on Roku.   It includes:

  • Theme controls
  • Language controls

MediaBlaster Ad Direct is geared towards those using ad revenue as a monetization strategy.   It includes:

  • All features of MediaBlaster Direct
  • Support for VAST/VMAP
  • Support for Roku Ad Network
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ad support

June 2020 - MediaBlaster SVOD Pro final release

In June we will be releasing our final version of MediaBlaster SVOD Pro.   The final release will be adding the following features:

  • Full Roku public certification compliance
  • Roku Search implementation
  • Deep Linking support
  • Universal Single Sign-on for Roku
  • TrickPlay & Closed Caption support
  • RokuPay push notifications

We are not stopping there!   We have a lot of plans for the rest of 2020 to continue to expand the MediaBlaster line-up with more app templates, more style features and more game changing options.

August 2020 - Elementor Add-ons

The second most requested feature for WP Smart TV is the need for a theme.   The problem is most “Premium” themes are garbage and even the authors of themes will tell you that it’s impossible to fit all those features in a theme without cutting some corners that can cause a myriad of problems.

Elementor’s recent 2.9 update includes some amazing underlying features to help you eliminate the need for a big bulky theme.    Using the free light-weight Hello Elementor theme and the recent 2.9 global theme options, you can now easily design your own fast and lightweight theme with the Theme Builder system.

We are really excited because we have been planning our Elementor add-on for about a year.   It’s coming along nicely and we are currently testing the system on live sites.   Watch for an announcement near the start of April.


More Updates Coming Soon...