Version 1.8 is here with a major update for Fire TV channels

After a lots of hours testing and designing version 1.8 is coming out tonight!  This version has some major changes that channel owners need to be aware of.

In this version we have removed Fire TV support from the Free plugin.

Recently Amazon released Fire TV Creator.   The current version of WP Smart TV actually supported what’s called “Fire App Builder” which required you to build and compile an Android application.   This was extremely confusing for our users so we have refocused our Fire TV efforts.

In version 1.8 we have removed Fire App Builder support (a new plugin is coming really soon to deal with this!!!).

If you do use the current implementation please DO NOT update to 1.8.    We will be making announcements soon about our Fire App Builder support.

A new plugin is here to support Amazon’s Fire TV Creator.

To start our new Fire TV focus we have created a new extender for the new Creator service.     You can get it here with Beta pricing.   Once the final has been released the price will be adjusted to the normal pricing structure.

And yes it works with all of our other extenders including our Vimeo and Authorize plugins.

New releases for all Extenders, make sure to update!

We have also updated all of our current Extenders to support version 1.8 and the new Fire TV Creator Extender.   Make sure you update!

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