New update 1.2.0 coming this week!

in Announcements on July 24, 2017

The final touches of 1.2.0 are coming together.   This update will see another major addition of features.

New Series system

When I released 1.1.0 I was really happy with the way the series system worked.   During the development of 1.2.0 it became apparent that this approach was going to be cumbersome to work with.

In the new update the “Series” taxonomy will be switched to a “Series” custom post type.

You will need to recreate your series systems (all the “Episodes” will remain in tact), but I think you’ll find the new interface much easier to work with.

New features include the ability quickly add new episodes to a series.

Categories are here

One feature of Roku Direct Publisher is the ability to set up your “rows” of content in your feed.   With our new Recipe system you can quickly create, change or remove each row of content.

TV Specials Post Type

This release includes the final remaining video type that Direct Publisher includes.    There isn’t much to say here, other than TV Specials are described as TV programs that are singular in nature (IE: Christmas Special 2017).   The system works the exact same as the Movies and Video post types.

The ground work for v1.3.0

In 1.3.0 I will be making some changes to the underlying systems to make them easier to use and hopefully provide an SDK for theme and plugin developers.  These changes will also set the stage for some pretty big add-ons we want to do in 2018.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to get our newsletter!

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