1.5 is available now and other ramblings

Thanks to some breakthrough’s I released version 1.5 quite a bit early.   In this new version features some great new features for HTML5 video:

  1. Added a new “custom post” template that helps tie in WP Smart TV with your theme.   Please Note:  More advanced themes will require customization to work.   Theme packs are coming for the more popular themes. Please see documentation.
  2. Added the ability to use iFrame embeds so you can embed videos on another site.   Please see documentation.

I had originally planned to release 2.0 this summer as the “next version” but after much consideration, I’ve decided to push the current system to 1.9 which should take us to the end of 2018.

BIF Files and Trick Play

You know when you are watching Netflix and you see those little thumbnails as you rewind or fast-forward?   Those are called “Trick Play” files and it is primarily the domain of Roku devices.

While we do support these files in WP Smart TV, they have not worked properly thus far.   I am learning now that it may be a problem with the way they are encoded using Windows BIF Creator.   If anyone can report a solid way to create these files and have them work with Direct Publisher, let me know.

The Rovidx Academy

One of the biggest issues I want to solve in 2018 is to help people understand online video and how to make it work for you.   I have decided that it is time to start teaching again, so I am announcing my Rovidx Academy.

This new online training center will allow you to take course in online video production and creation from the comfort of your home office.   The first course is a free one in how to setup and manage the basics of WP Smart TV.

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Well that’s it for this weeks news…  stay tuned!

– Rob

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